This package is deprecated. It does not support DSM 7, and as of the 1st of January 2022 it is no longer maintained or updated.


Adding the Package Source

In the Package Center, Settings, Package Sources, Add the following package source:


It should look something like the following dialog:


Accept the notice about adding the certificate and close the settings dialog.

Installing the Package

There will now be a Community section with a Syncthing package:


Use the Install button here. Syncthing will install and start, at which point you can visit the Syncthing GUI.



A new shared folder syncthing-data will have been created during installation. This shared folder holds configuration and database information that is essential for Syncthing. Do not remove or tamper with it.


Syncthing will by default be available on port 8384 without authentication. It’s essential that you visit the Syncthing GUI and set up authentication in order to protect the integrity of your NAS.

Automatic Updates

The package supports automatic upgrades to compatible versions. To enable or disable automatic updates, use the checkbox in Package Center: