Raising a Support Request

Web Portal

The web portal is available 24/7 for creating new support requests and tracking the status and progress of existing requests. It is recommended that you create an account ahead of requiring it. You can view the status of your requests and the requests raised by other members of your organization.


Requests can be raised directly via email. Note, however, that when raising requests via email it’s not possible to systematically indicate the severity of the request – moderate severity will be assigned by default and the request treated as such until updated by a support agent. For serious or critical issues you are welcome to raise the request via email, including technical details, and to then follow up via phone to raise the severity. (Premium Only)


For serious and critical issues we invite you to use the phone to raise requests – in addition to sending in logs, error messages and other relevant information in email or via the web portal. The phone number to use is in your customer information package. (Premium Only)